Man City star: Barcelona are still the best

By on February 17, 2014

Manchester City star Yaya Toure has insisted that Barcelona remain the team to beat in the Champions League.

Toure told reporters ahead of Tuesday’s match that FC Barcelona aren’t in top form but should not be discounted as lesser than the Barca of Guardiola’s era.

“It’s the Champions League, the last 16. They will be concentrating hard and applying themselves because they know the match is being played over two games, and they have a lot of experience.

“Having played there I know all about their mentality. Whenever they enter a competition, whether it’s a Cup or any match over two legs, they concentrate very hard. Barcelona are always expected to reach the semi-finals, because to go out before that is very surprising for people.” 

“I think anything is possible. We know how hard it is [to win a quadruple]. It’s not because I want to criticise Spanish football, but in England it’s so hard, the level and intensity is so hard. Week in, week out it’s very difficult in England but we are still in all four competitions and want to go as far as possible. It’s going to be difficult for us but have squad to do that and I hope at end of season we will have won the trophies.”