Can the kings of Europe become kings of footy knowledge?

By on January 30, 2014

The Champions League is due to resume next month, with all four entrants from the Premier League still intact. Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and even beleaguered Manchester United will fancy their chances of glory, each club hoping to add to their already illustrious histories. But could they draw a few positives from their previous European records?

Each club has won at least one major trophy in Europe throughout their history, but in the past decade, only United and Chelsea have tasted glory in the Champions League. As for the Gunners and City, their form in the league and in the group stages suggests that they have what it takes to go a long way, giving the likes of Olivier Giroud and Sergio Aguero the chance to become club legends.


Done it in the past

Whenever your team is playing in Europe, it’s tempting to look back and remember how your team did in previous competitions. It could help to stir a few memories, while it might also be useful for studying some past form which may give you reason to feel confident about progressing to the quarter-finals, but some of the stats and names from years gone by might be useful elsewhere.

If you want to learn more about your team in general, it might be worth scanning the net to find out about how they have done in Europe, be it in the Champions League, Europa League or even the Cup Winners’ Cup. You can never be too sure when it might come in handy, but knowing about major finals, victories and the like won’t do you any harm, even if you do look like an anorak!

Inquisitive minds

Testing how well do you know your team could be ideal in getting prepared for the resumption of this season’s Champions League. A new quiz from Ladbrokes allows fans of all current Premier League clubs to try and put whatever knowledge they have to the test. Learning about past European performances might give you an edge when doing this most fiendish of football quizzes.

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