Blame José! Former Chelsea star explains why he HAD to leave the Blues

By on January 18, 2014

Kevin De Bruyne joined Wolfsburg on a £17million deal with the Belgian announcing: ‘I am very pleased that my transfer has come about.

‘In the summer he [Mourinho] convinced me to stay, although there was a nice bid from Dortmund on the table,’ he said.
‘I also talked to Atletico Madrid. It was a good option, but I wasn’t sure I would be playing there.
‘I didn’t leave Chelsea because I have to go to the World Cup – it could be over after three games – but just because I lost my joy.’

Despite Mourinho’s assurances in December and earlier in the summer, it is clear that the Portuguese’s famous man-management skills did not reach the young Belgian winger. Mourinho refused to answer questions about De Bruyne in a Champions League press conference during the group stages, and it was then that is was apparent: his days were numbered.

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Comments are closed on this article.