Mourinho: Reds have an ‘unbelievable advantage’ – Chelsea vs Liverpool news

By on December 28, 2013

Jose Mourinho has bemoaned Liverpool’s title race advantage in the lead up to Sunday’s big match.


“They can [win the title] because they are good, because Brendan is good, because they have time to prepare the team tactically and because they are not involved in the heat of the knockout situation in the Champions League or even the Europa League,” the Chelsea manager told reporters.

“My players are going to play 60 matches this season. Liverpool’s will play 40 matches. It’s a big difference. Quality plus ambition plus this advantage, so yes, they can win it.

“City are the big favourites. Arsenal are like us: they play in the Champions League, they are trying to improve on the last few years having not been at the top of the league for a while. And Manchester United, in spite of being a few points behind, have the reality of [what they have achieved in] the last years. Liverpool are on holidays one season: one week to prepare a match, play the match, one more¬†week to prepare the next match. An unbelievable advantage.”

That, and Suarez.


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Comments are closed on this article.