Premier League Prize Money – Manchester United pocket more than £15m

By on April 30, 2013

After winning the Premier League title for a record 13th time, and the top-flight league title for a record 20th time, Manchester United can now analyze their financial performance.

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The winners of the title collect £15,101,240 in Premier League Prize Money. With the signing of Robin van Persie last summer widely regarded as the purchase that gifted Manchester United the title ahead of rivals City and Chelsea, that appears to be £24m well spent.

With the increased TV revenue deal coming into effect next season, the Premier League prize money will become less significant. Revenues from the new TV deal will surpass £5 billion for the first time. Next season’s title-winning club will receive more than £100m for the first time in Premier League history. Truly incredible.

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Comments are closed on this article.